Vest Bodycool Dry grey

Vest Bodycool Dry grey

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Body cooling

  • By evaporating under a mesh jacket, the iXS-Bodycool Dry Vest cools down between 8 hours and 3 days depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Zipper with handy Zip handle makes it easy to put on
  • Side panel with a stretchy and breathable mesh for more freedom of movement
  • Extra pocket on the back with preparation for the drinking system (X99563)


  • This product performs best in low to mediumhumidity.
  • The level of airflow determines the cooling effect.


  • Open the ziplock and fill with max. 600ml / 20.3 oz water. DO NOT OVERFILL!
  • Distribute the water evenly through the complete product.
  • Open the ziplock and squeeze out any excess water and air.
  • Enjoy immediate cooling.


  • Machine home wash 40°C / 104°F (with closed ziplock), use mild detergents. Hang only. No ironing, no dry cleaning, no industrial laundry and no bleach.


  • In wet condition: Do not store without ventilation.
  • In dry condition: Unlimited dry and dark storage.
  • Carrying a backpack may reduce the functionality of the system.
  • A backpack with ventilation system is therefore recommended